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This house is centered around an ``atrium'' with a dirt floor kitchen and stairs.

The dirt floor kitchen is located between the entrance and the LDK, and is connected to the common space on the second floor by an atrium. On the first floor, daily activities such as the bedroom, walk-in closet, bathroom, sink, and toilet are connected in a compact manner. The living room, kitchen, and indoor clothes drying area are located on the south side, and each has an eave that allows easy access to the garden. Around the atrium on the second floor, there are shared spaces such as a sun space, desk corner, and study corner.

The roof was covered with reddish Sekishu tiles, which are made in this region, in order to harmonize with the surrounding houses.

​Uchiniwa's house_Izumo

House of Izumo

​Uchiniwa's house

Design by Ikuyo Ono Architectural Design Office

Photo: Ippei Niizawa
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