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​Make a place to stay

I think home is a place where you can come back and feel relieved. With that in mind, I want to create a space with a comfortable place.


In addition to family gatherings, each person spends their time in their favorite places, feeling each other's atmosphere. I want to create a home landscape where time can flow peacefully. In addition to having a floor plan that makes it easy and comfortable to move around in your busy life, I believe that people will be comforted by scenes that move their hearts through small daily changes, such as the changing seasons and the growth of trees.

​Create a landscape

Steps that make you feel like sitting down, benches by the windows that make you want to look out, desks where you can read books calmly, and such furniture are indispensable for creating a space, so I have made suggestions so far. 


​Create a connection with the external space

Buildings are greatly affected by the site on which the building is built and the surrounding environment.

The air flow changes depending on the position of the window, and the view you see changes. Is the building itself elongated or square, is the surrounding building approaching, or is there enough space on the site?

The real pleasure of designing is to sort out the conditions, how to make a comfortable house, and if the site is a hard side, the resident's way of life and image are soft, and the hardware and software are well connected.


○ Design

Plan proposal

Material proposal

Proposal of built-in furniture

Outer entrance, garden proposal.

○ Apart from built-in furniture

Suggestions for chairs and tables

○ Proposal of curtain bride

○ Proposals for garden trees such as plants and stone exteriors

○ Proposal of original lighting equipment

<Flow from design contract to start of construction>


■ The owner and designer proceed with the design.

○ Hearing and making proposals

○ Determine the general direction

○ Correct small parts

○ Determine the factors to make an estimate

■ The designer asks the contractor (on behalf of the owner) for a quote.

○ Receive a quote from the contractor

○ Budget adjustment and decision

■ The designer submits a confirmation application (on behalf of the owner)

■ After deciding on a construction shop, the owner and the construction shop conclude a construction contract

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