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Flow of house building / Workflow

About the cost

0.  Thing about house building

Please contact us by email or phone.

1. Interview (1 to 2 times, 1 to 2 hours / time)


We will set the date and time of the first interview and ask you to talk.
Requests for home building, budget, site conditions, home building schedule, etc. Please feel free to contact us. We will also check the site if you wish.

Up to this point, it's free.

2. Creating a rough plan

We will make a rough plan upon request.
To meet your needs, budget, and site requirements, organize how large, tall, and large you will be, and create a rough plan.
Rough plans are free in principle. However, you will be required to pay the proposal fee (55,000 yen: tax included) only if you do not proceed with the design after that.

3. Explanation of important matters ・ Exchange of design supervision contract

4. We will hold meetings based on the rough plan and consider the plan.
The basic design is completed when the layout, plane, elevation, and cross section are almost decided.

5. Make a more concrete design based on the basic design, and check each time.

Create a drawing that allows you to estimate the construction work.

6. Select a contractor and witness the construction contract.

7. Procedure for building confirmation application

8. After the construction starts, on-site inspection will be conducted for each process. I will report it in the photo record.
Inspection is □ Foundation work □ Frame (framework) work □ Insulation work □ Equipment work □ Finishing work.

9. Completion / Delivery The building will be delivered after a completion inspection by the owner, contractor, and design office.



Ono Ikuyo Architects as of January 2020

About design fees and other costs

About design supervision fee

  • In the case of new construction, the standard is around 10 to 15% of the construction cost. (Negotiable)
    A separate structural design fee may be charged.

  • For remodeling work, 14% of the construction cost is a guide.
    In the case of remodeling, the cost of creating the current drawing is included.
    In addition, a separate design fee may be charged for seismic retrofitting.

  • If equipment design such as store / housing design is required, a separate equipment design fee may be charged.
    * The design supervision fee is determined by the budget construction cost before the total construction cost is fixed, and is settled after the construction cost is fixed.


Various application fees

  • A separate fee will be charged to the government office or the confirmation application agency for the building confirmation application procedure.

  • Please pay other application fees separately.
    * Please contact us for the preparation of application documents.


Transportation expenses

  • If the site is far away, transportation costs may be charged separately if the meeting is held far away.

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