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A house built on a tranquil site where the husband, a farmer, his wife, and their two small children live. The family has many hobbies and enjoys music, crafts, cooking, and reading. The exterior has a simple shape with a gabled roof, and the interior is similar to the traditional Japanese plan(Ta-no-ji plan), which is also simple and has almost no hallways. The dirt floor at the entrance is wide and doubles as a piano space. The plan is to gradually increase the number of partitions on the second floor as the child grows, and initially it will be used as a spacious playroom. Warmth in the winter is provided by a wood-burning stove, and the open ceiling and stairwell circulate the warm air throughout the house.

Nurture House
hagukumi-no-ie(Nurture House)
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa

​Hugukumi House(Nurture Houer)

Design by ​Ikuyo Ono Architectural Design Studio

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