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This is the second phase of construction of a private house that underwent plumbing renovations eight years ago. This time, the main purpose is to perform seismic retrofitting of the 60-year-old main building. The earthen tiled roof was replaced with a lighter roof made of steel plates, and some stucco-coated seismic walls were added to the interior to create a bright living space. There was a draft in this living room, the entrance dirt floor, and the verandah walkway, so we updated the interior fittings. By layering cedar planks on the veranda floor, we prevent the cold under our feet and also eliminate some steps. The existing corrugated iron and clapboards on the exterior were removed and mortar-based plaster walls made of natural materials were installed to improve earthquake resistance and durability.

House at Okazaki II

Renovation of Tanoji plan private house

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