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A small cozy space that is difficult to express in photos

Children's room on the second floor with exposed beams

Living room with an atrium on the first floor. The space in the back right with a low ceiling is comfortable.

I took time to organize my photos in between work. This is an area that I am not good at because my eyes get tired easily. The photo shows Atsugi house, which is the home of a construction company director. As such, there are some parts that were constructed by himself or his family, but as expected from a family of craftsmen, you will be amazed at the beautiful finish.

The top of the two photos is the children's space on the second floor. Beyond the handrail on the right is an atrium that connects to the first floor, and the photo below shows the living room below the atrium. The low-ceilinged space with the chair has actually become a cozy corner. However, it is difficult to express the ``comfort'' of a small space in photos. It's hard to convey in words. But that's the fun of 3D. .


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