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SDGs in a peaceful landscape

Four fresh chicken eggs that I received

This year, I was thankful to receive fresh eggs from several people. Eye-opening. It's so different from supermarket eggs. Even if you eat it raw, it won't leave a heavy feeling and you can eat it till the end. The food that chickens eat may also be unique.

The eggs in the photo were laid by chicken that is free-range in the garden. ``When I accidentally got a rooster, he attacked me every time I went to get eggs,'' he said, making me laugh out loud when I heard his funny story. It is said that roosters drive away enemies such as cats and weasels (though this includes humans, haha), which is what makes it possible to keep them free-range.

Now that I think about it, last month I read an article titled ``Weeding service'' goat rental for 3 months, 3,000 yen, soothing and very popular.Due to the intense heat this summer, weeds, insects, etc. ,,, (Weed spirit is a good way to say it.) The work of pulling and cutting weeds can be a grueling process that goes on and on, but more than that, I feel a sense of obligation to do something about the weeds... I think the psychological exhaustion that comes with it is also great.

I think renting goats is an idyllic SDGs , what a great idea!

By the way, the goat's name is Masao Kusatori... It's a typical Japanese pun.


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