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A home that weaves time

We created a home for a married couple with a study, library, gallery, and studio in one room of a 20-year-old apartment, approximately 20 tsubo (65 m²) in size. This is a so-called skeleton reform. The layout and size of the built-in furniture have been carefully arranged to maximize the space.

As a design point, we partially used fittings made over 60 years ago that were found in the house where the house was previously lived. Instead of trying to make things that have passed the ages of 60 years, 20 years, the present day, etc. resemble one or the other, we have devised a way to line them up as they are without any discomfort. Additionally, lighting fixtures from 60 years ago have been remade and installed in three rooms. All other lighting does not show the light source, allowing you to adjust the brightness using indirect lighting that feels natural.

​Photo: Ippei Shinzawa
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