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​​A 30 tsubo detached house located in a quiet residential area in Yokohama. The exterior is characterized by the second-floor terrace with eaves placed in front of the flagpole passage and the entrance porch below. Inside, light can be brought in to the first and second floors from the staircase with a large window located to the south. The 2nd floor LDK + tatami space are made into one space by placing climbing beams on the roof. Furthermore, by opening a large window on the south terrace, the terrace and living room become integrated, creating a comfortable space with a vague sense of inside and outside from spring to autumn.

​Nokiniwa house

House at Yokohama

A house with semi-outdoor space under the eaves on each floor​

​Nokiniwa's house

Photo: Ippei Shinzawa

Designing by Ikuyo Ono Architectural Design Office

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