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A sculpture that reads the location and the wind that blows there.

Snow Science Museum in Ishikawa Prefecture, fog sculpture "Greenland Glacier Field" (1994)

The other day, I saw a special feature on fog sculptor Fujiko Nakatani on TV.

At the site, Ms. Nakatani observes the location and the wind blowing there, and considers the height and angle of the fog device. The program introduced the process of forming fog. After much trial and error, she finally adjusted the position of the device by 10 cm, and the mist became fluffy, creating a fantastical appearance. When I saw that scene, I thought that they call her ``Fog Sculptor'' was perfect because she could read the situation and manipulate the fog. Children and adults can step into the fog created by Nakatani and play with it. ``The experience of nature has already been lost,'' said Nakatani, now 90 years old, which left an impression on me. It is said that seeing people's smiles after experiencing the fog is rewarding.

A session with butoh artist Min Tanaka was also introduced. Min Tanaka danced impromptu through the fog, and Nakatani created the fog to match his dance.It was very fantastical, and it was interesting to see the clash of talents.

The photo is a forced snap (^^;) of the re-watching part on my smartphone. The courtyard of the Snow Science Museum (designed by Arata Isozaki), which I visited 5-6 years ago, Icelandic Glacier Field”.


When a building with a large volume is built, a violent building wind can sometimes blow. The wind is quite scary. It would be great if we could think about how to create a city from the aspect of wind.

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