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A good sense package with no waste / A short blog

Although the packaging is simple, the packaging is unified with the brown cardboard color, making it rather beautiful and careful.

Refillable hand soap was sent to me. It was packed in a brown envelope instead of cardboard. Inside was a message saying, ``We try to keep the packaging as simple as possible.'' Cleaning up cardboard is quite time-consuming. This is a good package, and just fine.

Laundry detergent packaging. It has black English writing on a white background.

THE SHOP's laundry detergent is expensive, but you can wash your clothes in small quantities. Until recently, there was a store nearby, so I brought my bottle and they refilled it on the spot. The bottle is also cool so it's not annoying.I'm currently purchasing refills, which also have good packaging.

Homemade jam in recycled jars. The jar is wrapped in fruit bubble wrap. It was then wrapped in recycled wrapping paper and finally placed in a plastic bag.

Bonus) It's not a good look one, but it's a clever way to reuse the fruit's packaging material for homemade jam that my mother sent me over the summer. The bottle won't break.

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A good sense package with no waste / A short blog

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