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A photo of the disposable chopsticks that came with the ramen. How to use chopstick text and illustrations on the chopstick bag

The disposable chopsticks that came with the chilled ramen I ate at Haneda Airport. The chopsticks bag had instructions printed in English on how to use chopsticks with illustrations. This is a nice idea.

As I write this far, I wonder if chopstick is singular, or is it plural s? This made me have a typical Japanese question. What about native English? I think that's understandable enough, but do we feel that way when we're in a foreign country and say, ``Thank you very much, it's written in Japanese, but it's a little strange.'' If that's the case, maybe there's a sense of charm, or rather, a sense of intimacy? Either way, it must be kind.


Chopsticks and folding fans are popular souvenirs overseas. It is convenient for buyers as it is not bulky. Is it okay to sell the 12-piece set as a souvenir in stores? (Maybe it already exists.)


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