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Watching the fireworks for the first time in a while

Last weekend, I was invited to see the Enoshima fireworks, and I watched them from a vantage point. From what I remember, it's been like 20 years since I sat down and watched it properly.

Launch time is very short at 20 minutes. However, as expected of Enoshima's fireworks. There was a beginning, development, turn and conclusion, and I felt strangely refreshed at the end. It was a quiet environment, you could hear the sound of the waves, and it had a great atmosphere.

The fireworks held in August are even shorter, lasting only 3 minutes. In the past, it was so crowded that it gradually became what it is today, but apparently these three-minute fireworks are also very good.

There were some tourists, but I thought it was nice to see people from the town walking home one by one, as if it were a town event.

I posted it on Facebook and Instagram, but my iPhone took the video pretty well, so I posted a different version here as well. . . It was the first time I had seen fireworks that moved like fireflies when they finally disappeared, and it was very fascinating. ^^

2023.10.12 “Watching fireworks carefully for the first time in a long time”


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