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Autumn home building consultation session

This is an announcement.


On Sunday, October 29th, we plan a consultation meeting for those who are struggling to find land. We are two Yokohama-based architects. This time, we invite a real estate agent who specializes in homes designed by architects.

On the left is a house that stands on a flagpole site, and on the right is a house with a small courtyard; both designs take advantage of the site conditions.

How to make good use of unique land

~From land search to design ideas~

Land that everyone thinks is good will have a reasonable price. On the other hand, you may be able to purchase land with a little quirk at a lower price. If you use the unique land wisely, you may be able to create a wonderful home.

There are no standards or restrictions when building a house with an architect.

Architects are good at proposing ways to overcome the weaknesses of the land with buildings.

If you expand your options when searching for land, you may be able to find a surprisingly nice home. Please contact us not only for those who are looking for new land, but also for those who are having trouble finding difficult land for rebuilding plans. 

■For detailed timetables and to apply, please click here → “Home Building Society: Autumn Consultation Meeting”

Takayasu Ishiguro/builtlogic, Ikuyo Ono/Ikuyo Ono Architects Studio, Tatsuya Tajiri/Archi Project


For example, a small site, a site with a difference in elevation, strict building conditions (building coverage ratio, floor area ratio, etc.), etc.

I can't use magic(lol),but there are points that bring out the best and techniques that don't make it look narrow.

The plan below was an example of a plan that had strict building coverage and floor area ratios, but was designed to create a small courtyard so that it does not feel cramped.

Illustration of top view. house with a small garden

The view of the courtyard from the restaurant seat

Autumn home building consultation session


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