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Home design classes have started again this year.

A photo of the city of Tokyo taken from the building where the classroom is located.

Classes at the vocational school have begun. This year as well, I'm in charge of third-year students who are in their final year. First challenges, is the issue of severe site conditions.They will organize the problems and merits of the site and practice giving form to your own ideas and thoughts. The second class has just finished, and this term's class is generally completing the assignments at a good pace.

What I teach is what I learn, and what I realize every year.

“How to make good use of unique land”, now accepting participation

(This is a consultation meeting for people who want to build a house. We will co-host with a real estate expert who can help you build a home together with an architect.

 →For details, please visit the Home Building Association, Autumn Consultation Meeting )

"Home design classes have started again this year."


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